First Nations – Myths and Storytelling

Ardagh’s library has a collection of myths, legends and stories. Ask Mr. Harris for help in locating.

Library and Archives Canada   A nice start to describing how FNMI story telling takes place

Canadian Museum of History    Storytelling: The Art of Knowledge – a selection of FNMI myths/stories

Pedagogy – this tells how language and stories are the most important part of FNMI cultures. It informs how stories should be told. I know this article is meant for teachers. However, I think you should read it and then talk to a teacher about it. I am trying to find a student-friendly version.

Things to know about Oral Storytelling Traditions    Interesting article.  This would be good to read and then talk to a teacher or parent/guardian about so you better understand.

The Big Rock Story – animation from Campbell River Museum

Raventales – collection of animated tales Raven Steals the Light is one of my favourites

Library and Archives Canada   print version of Raven Steals the Light

National Film Board  7 animated clips of traditional tales




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