Lake Louise

Canadian Encyclopedia    a short description

Wikipedia a brief history

World Guides  a brief history

Banff National Park – the Park where Lake Louise is located

Why Lake Louise is so blue  1.  Rock Flour >>> Listen to the Rock Flour audio, then read Sandpaper and Rock Flour.

Why Lake Louise is so blue  2. Glacial Rock Flour is the answer   This may be difficult to understand:

Read the following: Introduction first paragraph

Read the captions of the photos

Read This Geology Lesson Leads To Rock Flour, Our Secret Ingredient  3 paragraphs

Read Conclusion – all

Ask your parent, Mr. Harris or your teacher if you find it difficult to understand.

Lake Louise Ski Resort    one of the best in the world

Tourism   Things to do here

Where and how to watch animals near Lake Louise

Wildlife protection   A great article telling how roads were changed to save animal life. A good article to read with an adult.

Fish in Lake Louise   read near the bottom of the website.

Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise … a famous hotel @ lake Louise

Lakes in Canada   >>> from that website …      Distribution of Lakes in Canada

Recent surveys suggest that there may be as many as 2 million lakes in Canada. About 7.6% of Canada’s nearly 10 million km2 is covered by fresh water; enough water is contained by these lakes and rivers to flood the entire country to a depth of over 2 m. Canada possesses nearly 14% of the world’s lakes having surface areas over 500 km2  <<< This means, Canada has more bigger lakes than any other county on Earth.

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