Huronia Regional Centre – mental health

CMHA Cdn mental health  This has contact info for Orillia.


To: Madison and others — Some extremely disturbing things happened to people at the Huronia Regional Health Centre. I strongly recommend you talk with your parents before you read any information that you find on websites other than this one. I have NOT included the most disturbing links.

Huronia Regional Health Centre  a collection of links from the Ontario Government

This was in in Orillia. It closed in 2009. It was a place for people who were deemed to be inferior lived and were supposed to be looked after. Many were NOT.

History of HRC

Words to describe people with mental health issues over time

Attitudes of people late 1800s to 1960s … you may be shocked

2013 Apology by Ontario Premier K. Wynne to residents of HRC

Toronto Star article after Ont. Gov’t apologized in 2013 and settled with some residents of HRC

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