Johnny Bower


Toronto Sun – detailed report on Johnny Bower. Lots of interesting things here including his Christmas song and Jersey Retirement video clip.

Canadian Press – 5 things you should know about Bower … Did you know he was selected as one of the Top 100 NHL players of all time?

Greatest 100 NHL players

Hockey Hall of Fame  Biography – gets to the point of why he was such a good goalie

Hockey Hall of Fame – SPOTLIGHT on Johnny Bower: One on One, Treasure Chest (photos), Pinnacle, Legends Video << This is great! It will make you feel good when you watch it.

Toronto Star article collection: January 2018 This has a few opinions about Johnny Bower and many talk about what he meant to people and the Maple Leafs.

Toronto Star article Jan 3, 2018 Johnny Bower Was the Soul of the Maple Leafs

Regina Leader Post  The first 5 paragraphs are about Bower with interesting comments about what kind of person he was.


Entire Celebration of Life: Lots of heart warming stories, just over an hour long.

Celebration of Life at Maple Leafs hockey game  A must watch

Legends of Hockey biography of Bower worth watching



Confederation – Canada becoming a country

Our library has some books about this topic.

Library and Archives of Canada  a very good starting article for students

Canadian Encyclopedia  Confederation = excellent article

Canadian Encyclopedia Fathers of Confederation = article about the men who helped make Canada into a country

Canadian Encyclopedia Mothers of Confederation = historically, the role of women has not been included in the story of Confederation. This article adds this role to the conversation.

CBC Video Clip  Watch the beginning to 7:30. This shows the gold rush and the first Canadian Prime Minister Sir John A Macdonald promising a railway to connect Canada from the east coast to the west coast (British Columbia.)  The next part has violent scenes: After 7:30 it shows how the Metis and First Nations people were abused and had the railway put on their lands without them fully agreeing to it. It shows how the First Nations and Metis people did NOT have their views and ideas about joining Canada accepted. At the 26:30 point, the CPR brings in 15,000 Chinese workers because they work hard, do the most dangerous jobs and work for much less money than what the white workers made. This describes another low point in Canadian history.

Heather Moyse – Bobsleigh

Heather Moyse   Her own website – lots of detailed information. The section on Heather’s Outreach tells you about her character

Olympic Team biography

Olympic Bobsleigh information about the sport

Bobsleigh tutorial   This explains ALL about how bobsleigh works. It seems to be very good.

Comeback story for 39 year old Moyse to make Canadian Olympic team for 2018 Olympics – Dec. 2017

Photos from Canadian Encyclopedia

Kaillie Humphries – Lead partner in 2010 and 2014 Olympics. Article is about Humphries, yet has important facts about Moyse.

Emily Stowe

Canadian Encyclopedia   a very brief introduction

100 Canadian Heroines: Famous and Forgotten FacesArdagh’s library has this book, which has a very detailed article on Dr. Stowe. See Mr. Harris.

Wikipedia   A few more details than Canadian Encyclopedia

Canadian History Bits   An interesting write up with photos. Very good summary of other websites.

Library and Archives Canada     This may be easier to understand than Canadian Biography.

Canadian Biography  The most detailed information on line.

Historical Plaque photo

Andre De Grasse

Canadian Sprinter

Canadian Encyclopedia  excellent information up to the end of the 2016 Olympics

Wikipedia     Facts about his early life and track running career.

Canada Olympic Team    biography

De Grasse’s Twitter account — this may give you some insight to what he is interested in

Article: 2017 – injured and out of World Track championship

SPIKES 2016 likely a few things few people may know about De Grasse

YOUTUBE search  This takes you to YOUTUBE with De Grasse videos. This 22 minute video is great.



Black History Month

Canadian Heritage – Canadian Government Black History Month website

Justin Trudeau, Canadian Prime Minister’s statement Feb. 1, 2017

Historica – Black History Month

Canadian Encyclopedia – Black History  This is a page that collects many excellent pages of information. Start with the one on the top.

Black History Society – Ontario   Worth viewing after spending time with the above sites.



Canadian Encyclopedia  A great introduction. There are great links at the bottom of this page about Sunken Ships/Shipwrecks.

Shipwreck Investigations    This is from the Canadian Archives. This is interesting because it has details on many wrecks.

After reading the introduction, I recommend clicking on Galleries, then click on Empress of Ireland Gallery >> this gives you a good idea of what you can find at the website.

SOS  Save Ontario Shipwrecks –  organization that thinks this history is important.

Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum   This is an American museum. BUT, has info on Edmund Fitzgerald and other Canadian info about shipwrecks on the Great Lakes.


Not as important to read:

Article of shipwrecks in St. Lawrence and Great Lake … page 3/45 shows # of wrecks from 1848-1861

… page 1/43 First paragraph is worth reading