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Spine Label Printing – Options:

  1. If you use Carr McLean labels # 96-225 (they are a 6 X 8 label set)

You can print 48 labels at a time

Flip the labels over and run another 48 on the same sheet

Trim with scissors for a smaller fit on the spine

For the LS2 report, follow this pathway:

Public Folders ‎>

Custom or Library Authored Reports‬ >

Ardagh Replacement Spine Labels with Label Skipping doesn’t matter what school you are from

After scanning in barcodes and pressing FINISH button, report displays, you MAY have to change display to PDF to print properly.

BY: Greg Harris, Teacher Librarian @ Ardagh Bluffs Public School

  1. If you use Brodart labels # 55-395-214 or 55-459-003,
  • labels face down in printer – I get mine from the tender – Brodart item # 55459003 1 x 1/2 white labels – 100 sheets
  • use Report View of Spine Labels – 1 x 1.5 – Increased Font Size for original labels
  • use Report View of Landscape Spine Labels – Brodart 55-395-214 to do duplicate spine labels by scanning in bar codes – do 50 at a time
  • I save my reports as ‘report view’ under ‘my reports’ and save the file starting with the date: ex Sept 20 2016: Report View etc. – that way I know when I last printed spine labels for choosing the date range for the next set
  • occasionally you have to go into Firefox to print – if the pdf comes up blank – just log into Firefox and click on your report in ‘my reports’ and print from there.
  • I get my spine label covers from Carr-MacLean item # 22-709 – label protectors size of 7/8″ x 2 3/8″ for a roll of 1000 – they cost $35.80 but fit perfectly – no trimming needed

By: Pat Thompson, Teacher-Librarian @ Admiral Collingwood Elementary School